Have information about a stolen vehicle or chop shop?

You may be eligible for a $25,000 reward.

Submit an anonymous tip or call (800) 947-HEAT.

About HEAT

The Virginia State Police Help Eliminate Auto Theft (HEAT) program was established in 1992 to help educate citizens and law enforcement officials about the crime of auto theft in the Commonwealth of Virginia. HEAT provides educational information to help inform citizens about ways to prevent vehicle theft and avoid becoming a victim of this crime. Some of the resources available include prevention methods, tips on what to do in the event of a carjacking and devices to help protect your car from being stolen. Another free resource the HEAT program provides to citizens are vehicle identification number (VIN) etching events where law enforcement officers etch VIN numbers onto citizens’ cars, which potentially helps deter thieves from stealing the vehicle. The HEAT program also provides an online tip submission form for citizens to report information regarding the theft of vehicles or chop shop operations. Information provided remains confidential and tips leading to arrests are eligible for rewards of up to $25,000.

Auto Theft Prevention

auto theft prevention

Learn about the ways that you can reduce your chances of being a victim of auto theft.

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How To Spot Auto Theft

auto theft

Be aware of the signs. Learn about the different types of auto theft and how to identify them.

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VIN Etching Events

VIN Etching events

VIN Etchings are an easy way to deter potential auto thieves. Find an event near you.

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Auto Theft Quiz

Auto Theft Quiz

Test your knowledge and take the HEAT auto theft quiz today to receive a free gift.

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